P.001. Quantitative analysis of endocrine disruptors by comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography
M. Avelino Moreira, L. André Coelho, A. B. Ribeiro, M.D.R. Gomes da Silva, Z. de Lourdes Cardeal
P.002. Development of SPE adsorbents based on Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for the selective extraction of dimethoate and deltamethrin
N. Martins, M. Simões, M.J. Cabrita, A.J. Burke, R. Garcia
P.003. New approaches in Bar Adsorptive Microextraction (BAµE) Technique– Determination of insecticide repellents in environmental water matrices
C.V.P. Almeida, R. Strzelczyk, J.M.F. Nogueira
P.004. Simultaneous analysis of parabens in biological samples by packed sorbent microextraction and ultra- performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
M.E.C. Queiroz, L.P. Melo, D.S. Domingues, V.C. Jardim
P.005. THMs determination in indoor swimming pool air samples using solid phase microextraction and GC-ECD
R. Maia, M. Correia, I.M. Brás Pereira, V. M. Beleza
P.006. Identificação de ácidos gordos voláteis em águas intersticiais de sedimentos marinhos por SPME-GC-MS: parâmetros de otimização
S.C. Alves, M. Nuzzo, C.M. Borges
P.007. New application on floating sampling technology – Determination of trace levels of irgarol in estuary waters matrices
B.B.C. Calado, C. Almeida, N.R. Neng, J.M.F. Nogueira
P.008. Optimization and development of a solid-phase extraction and gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (GC-MS/MS) method for the analysis of 58 pesticides in estuarine waters
C. Cruzeiro, E. Rocha, M. J. Rocha
P.009. Simultaneous determination of organic contaminants in solid and liquid samples by solid phase extraction and HPLC
P. Guedes, E.P. Mateus, N. Couto, A.B. Ribeiro
P.010. Determinação de Diquato e Paraquato em Amostras de Água para Consumo Humano
G. Sarmento, A. Fernandes, H. Gageiro
P.011. Chemical composition of Morchella esculenta (L.) Pers. from Portugal and Serbia: A comparative study based on chromatographic techniques
S.A. Heleno, D. Stojkovic, J.C.M. Barreira, J. Glamoclija, M. Sokovic, A. Martins, M.J.R.P. Queiroz, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.012. The use of mass spectrometry analysis together with data treatment software to characterize complex matrices
D. Mendes, B. Soares, M.J. Cabrita, E. Mateus, M. Gomes da Silva
P.013. Chromatographic analysis of fatty acids and sugars in traditional pastry from Trás-os-Montes
M. Carocho, L. Barros, P. Morales, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.014. Chromatographic analysis of nutraceuticals in the wild mushroom Suillus granulatus from different origins
F.S. Reis, V. Vieira, L. Barros, A. Martins, D. Stojkovic, M. Sokovic, A. Ciric, J. Glamoclija, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.015. Antioxidant activity and phenolic compounds in decoction, infusion and hydroalcoholic extract of Origanum vulgare L.
N. Martins, L. Barros, C. Santos-Buelga, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.016. Tocopherols and fatty acids profile of Spanish clementins
P. Morales, L. Barros, A. Fernandes, M. Cámara, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.017. Chromatographic analysis of the effects of gamma irradiation on organic acids composition of wild Boletus edulis and Hydnum repandum
A. Fernandes, J.C.M. Barreira, A. L. Antonio, A. Martins, M.B.P.P. Oliveira, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.018. Method development and validation for HPLC analysis of phenolic acids in watermelon (Citrullus lanatus)
P. Antunes, A. Silveira, F. Peres
P.019. Screening of oleocanthal – a natural anti-inflammatory compound – in virgin olive oils using accurate mass measurement by LC-ESI-Orbitrap MS
S. Silva, M.E. Figueira, E. Combet, M.R. Bronze, W. Mullen
P.020. Analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in smoked fish
C. De Gasperi Portella, M. Oliveira, M.J. Ramalhosa, L. Silvia Sant´Ana, C. Delerue-Matos, S. Morais
P.021. Relation of volatile compounds detected by gas chromatography and sensorial characteristics of monovarietal white wines
A. Vilela, S. Teixeira, S. Fradique, F.M. Nunes, F. Cosme
P.022. Development of HPLC-PDA-based methodology with new core-shell column Kinetex-C18 for assessment to phenolic profile of Sambucus nigra fruit
P. Silva, F.M. Nunes
P.023. Characterization of phenolic compounds in maize flour
A. Bento da Silva, E. Mecha, A.T. Serra, B. Carbas, C. Brites, M.C. Vaz Patto, M.R. Bronze
P.024. Determination of lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants in Lycopersicon esculentum L., gordal variety, at different growth stages
J.A. Figueira, P. Figueira, J.S. Câmara
P.025. Characterization of phenolic compounds in Portuguese common beans’ (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cotyledons and coats
E. Mecha, A. Bento da Silva, B. Carbas, C. Brites, M.C. Vaz Patto, M.R. Bronze
P.026. Evaluation of the occurrence of mycotoxins in cereals using a modified QuEChERS extraction procedure combined with Liquid Chromatography–Triple Quadrupole Tandem Mass Spectrometry
P.J. Fernandes, N. Barros, J.L. Santo, J.S. Câmara
P.027. A QuEChERS-based dispersive extraction combined with LC-ESIMS/MS as a powerful and sensitive tool to evaluate the incidence of Patulin in commercial apple juices
J. Pereira, N. Barros, P. Fernandes, J.S. Câmara
P.028. Structural and functional diversity of native chestnut starch (Castanea sativa Mill)
A.M. Lemos, A.S. Abraão, B. Cruz, F.M. Nunes
P.029. Headspace solid phase microextraction combined with mass spectrometry data as a powerful tool to establish the evolution of volatile flavor compounds during the different beer production stages
V.L. Alves, J.L. Gonçalves, J.A. Figueira, F.P. Rodrigues, J.S. Câmara
P.030. Exploring the potentialities of a new and high throughput ultrasound-assisted µ-QuEChERS based extraction technique combined with ultra high pressure liquid chromatography, for determination of Zearelenone in cereal
P. Figueira, P.J. Fernandes, J.S. Câmara
P.031. Evaluation of the extraction efficiency of different MEPS sorbents for the determination of the fungal metabolites Deoxynivalenol and Zearalenone in cereals by ultra high pressure liquid chromatography
P. Figueira, P.J. Fernandes, J.S. Câmara
P.032. Sweet potato as a biological model in plant-fungi communication
I.S. Nunes, C.J. Santana, E.M.M. Gaspar
P.033. Determinação estrutural de compostos fenólicos partindo da absorção UV recolhida on-line por HPLC/DAD
D. Amâncio, M. Serrano, M.G. Campos, O. Anjos
P.034. Amino acid characterization of farmed duck (Anas platyrhynchos) meat
F.B. Pimentel, A.C. Vasconcelos, S. Janeiro, R.C. Alves, A.S.G. Costa, M.A.G. Quaresma, M.B.P.P. Oliveira
P.035. Wild and farmed duck leg meat: comparison of amino acid profiles by HPLC-FLD
F.B. Pimentel, S. Janeiro, A.C. Vasconcelos, R.C. Alves, A.S. G. Costa, M.A.G. Quaresma, M.B.P.P. Oliveira
P.036. Validation of a chromatographic method for simultaneous quantification oxalic and L-ascorbic acids in foods
V. Spínola, M. Heyden, P.C. Castilho
P.037. Liquid chromatography with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry for the characterization of phenolic compounds in Olea europaea ssp. Maderensis
E.J. Llorent-Martínez, V. Spínola, S. Gouveia, P.C. Castilho
P.038. Evaluation of treatment with chitosan-genipin films in preventing the formation of off-flavours in white wine: Screening volatile composition by HS-SPME/GC × GC-ToFMS
M.A.M. Rocha, C. Nunes, A. Cunha, S.M. Rocha, M.A. Coimbra
P.039. Extração líquido-líquido assistida por salting-out para análise por cromatografia líquida – análise do carbamato de etilo
I.M. Valente, R.M. Ramos, J.A. Rodrigues
P.040. The effect of repeated stimulations with procyanidins in the salivary protein profile
E. Brandão, N. Mateus, V. A. Freitas
P.041. The good side of gamma irradiation: spices preservation R.C. Duarte, J.C. Santana, I.S. Nunes, A.L.C.H. Villavicenio, E.M.M. Gaspar

P.042. Chromatographic analysis of individual phenolic compounds in flowers and vegetative parts of wild Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia
M.I. Dias, L. Barros, R.C. Alves, M.B.P.P. Oliveira, C. Santos-Buelga, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.043. Chromatographic analysis of organic acids in artichoke, milk thistle and borututu using UFLC-PDA
C. Pereira, L. Barros, J. C.M. Barreira, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.044. Tocopherols in Ginkgo biloba L.: A comparative study between infusion and dietary suplements
E. Pereira, L. Barros, J.C.M. Barreira, I.C.F.R. Ferreira
P.045. RetChrom 3.1. A computing tool for integration of CG and GC-MS data in the analysis of plant volatile complex mixtures
C. Cavaleiro, L. Salgueiro
P.046. Comparison of different extraction processes, QuEChERS and SPME, for the establishment of the volatomic profile of Eugenia uniflora L.
P. Figueira, J. Figueira, J. S. Câmara
P.047. Analysis of phenolic compounds in methanolic extracts from leaves of Apollonias barbujana by HPLC-ESI/MSn
E.J. Llorent-Martínez, V. Spínola, S. Gouveia, P.C. Castilho
P.048. HPLC-DAD-ESI/MSn characterization of phenolics in Myrica faya leaves and berries
V. Spínola, E.J. Llorent-Martínez, S. Gouveia, P.C. Castilho
P.049. Identificação de compostos fenólicos da espécie Bystropogon maderensis Webb por HPLC-ESI/MSn.
T. Weinhold, P.C. Castilho
P.050. HS-SPME-GC/MS analysis of volatiles from Eucalyptus with different susceptibility to the Eucalyptus Weevil Gonipterus platensis attack
E.P. Mateus, M.R. Paiva
P.051. Analysis of fatty acids in human plasma by gas chromatography
S. Sousa, I. Bragança, V.F. Domingues, C. Delerue-Matos
P.052. Optimization of digitally controlled microextraction by packed sorbent combined with UHPLC-PDA for quantification plasma Homocysteine. Comparison with direct extraction procedure
H. Câmara, J. Pereira, P. Figueira, J.S. Câmara
P.053. A simplified and sensitive strategy for the determination of the metabolic-related vitamins B6, B9 and B12 based on MEPS combined with UHPLC-PDA analysis
H. Câmara, J. Pereira, J.S. Câmara
P.054. An improved and highly sensitive procedure based on microextraction by packed sorbent (MEPS) combined with ultra high pressure liquid chromatography for quantification of urinary levels of leukotriene B4
R. Perestrelo, C.L. Silva, J.S. Câmara
P.055. Metabolic effects of cigarette smoke unveiled by GC×GC-ToFMS metabolomics of urine
F. Matos, I.F. Duarte, S.M. Rocha
P.056. Evaluation of the urinary profile of oxidative stress biomarkers and its correlation with cardiovascular disease
B. Mendes, P. Silva, I. Mendonça, J. Pereira, J. Câmara
P.057. Urinary volatomic profile of lung cancer patients as a powerful tool to finding potential biomarkers
P. Silva, F. Aveiro, C.L. Silva, J.S. Câmara
P.058. Optimization of a GCxGC-FID analysis method to quantify 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine
L. Lima, E. Mateus, P. Tavares, M. Gomes da Silva
P.059. Simultaneous determination of sildenafil and crizotinib using HPLC-DAD
D. Oppolzer, J. Marques, V. Gaspar, D. Diogo, E. Costa, E. Gallardo, I. Correia
P.060. Design of experiments as a tool for LC-MS/MS method development for the trace analysis of a potentially genotoxic impurity in glucocorticoids
G. Székely, B. Henriques, M. Gil, A. Ramos, C. Alvarez
P.061. Use of HPLC Fluorescence detection in pharmaceutical products
R. Capela, C. Martins, M. Vareiro
P.062. Development of an HILIC-MS/MS method to determine amino acids and neurotransmitters in plasma samples from schizophrenic patients
D.S. Domingues, M.E. C. Queiroz
P.063. Simultaneous determination of selected antipsychotic drugs in oral fluid using GC-MS/MS 
B.M. da Fonseca, I.E.D. Moreno, D. Oppolzer, M. Barroso, J.A. Queiroz, E. Gallardo
P.064. Avaliação da interferência da matriz na quantificação de medicamentos por GC/MS em amostras biológicas
S. Fonseca, S. Costa, M. Barroso, M. Dias
P.065. Screening of 13 antidepressant drugs in human plasma using microextraction in packed sorbent and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
A. Gonçalves, I. Moreno, A. Martinho, S. Silva, A.P. Duarte, L. Breitenfeld, S. Silvestre, F. Domingues, G. Alves, E. Gallardo
P.066. Determination of Mytragynine by Bar Adsorptive Microextraction (BAµE): New Methodology for Illicit Drug Analysis
N.R. Neng, H. Gaspar, J.M.F. Nogueira
P.067. Análise de múltiplas drogas de abuso em urina por GC-MS
M. Almeida, S. Costa, S. Fonseca, M. Dias, M. Barroso
P.068. Avaliação da estabilidade de cocaína e metabolitos em amostras de sangue post-mortem e in vivo
C. Mourato, S. Costa, Mário Dias
P.069. Desenvolvimento de um método de descontaminação de cabelo humano: o caso dos canabinóides
J. Restolho, M. Barroso, M. Dias, B. Saramago, C.A.M. Afonso
P.070. Identificação e quantificação de ketamina e piperazinas em amostras de plasma utilizando um novo método de derivatização
F.A. Guerra, I.E.D. Moreno, B.M. da Fonseca, M. Barroso, J.A. Queiroz, E. Gallardo
P.071. Determination of tetrahydrocannabinol and major metabolites in plasma samples using microextraction by packed syringe and analysis by gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry
L. Fernandes, B.M. da Fonseca, I.E.D. Moreno, M. Barroso, J.A. Queiroz, E. Gallardo
P.072. Aplicação da microextracção em seringa empacotada para a determinação de ketamina e norketamina em amostras de urina
I.E.D. Moreno, B.M. da Fonseca, M. Barroso, A. Cruz, J.A. Queiroz, E. Gallardo
P.073. Análise multivariada dos factores que influenciam a estabilidade do etanol em sangue
T. Rosado, M. Dias, M. Barroso
P.074. A cromatografia na análise de impressões de jacto de tinta
A. C. Almeida Assis, M. F. Barbosa, C. Farinha
P.075. Cyclodextrin-based ionic liquids as enantioselective stationary phases in Gas Chromatography
N. Costa, S. Matos, M.D.R. Gomes da Silva, M.M.A. Pereira
P.076. HPLC monitoring of oligosaccharides hydrolysis over clay catalysts
L. Vilcocq, V. Spinola, P. Moniz, F. Carvalheiro, L. C. Duarte, C. Fernandes, P. Castilho
P.077. Estabelecimento de metodologia para determinação de 210Pb e 226Ra por LSC : Resultados preliminares: preparação de amostras
F. Lucas, J. Pratas, A. Pereira
P.078. Advances on Polyurethane Foams as Novel Sorption-desorption Phase for Static Microextraction Analysis - Application for monitoring fungicides in real samples
I. Silva, C. Almeida, J.M.F. Nogueira
P.079. Hexane isomers sorption on the rigid framework MOF MIL-100(Cr)
P.A. P. Mendes, J.A.C. Silva, A.E. Rodrigues, P. Horcajada, C. Serre
P.080. A descrição matemática do processo da separação eletrocromatográfica baseados nos polímeros condutores
V.V. Tkach, V.V. Nechyporuk, P.I. Yagodynets´, Yu. V. Meslyuk
P.081. Arginine monolith in the purification of Human Papillomavirus16 E6/E7 plasmid DNA-based vaccine
A. Soares, A. M. Almeida, J.A. Queiroz, F. Sousa, A. Sousa
P.082. Design of Experiments to improve pre-miR-29 purification by affinity chromatography
A. Afonso, P. Pereira, J.A. Queiroz, A. Sousa, F. Sousa
P.083. Integrating membrane technology with monolithic affinity chromatography in the supercoiled plasmid DNA purification
C. Nunes, A. Sousa, J. Nunes, A.M. Morão, F. Sousa, J.A. Queiroz
P.084. Two Different approaches for separation of pDNA isoforms using a CarbonylDiImidazole monolith matrix
D. Bicho, A. Sousa, F. Sousa, J.A. Queiroz, C. T. Tomaz
P.085. Effect of culture medium composition on the structural features of exopolysaccharides produced by Ganoderma lucidum in submerged culture
I. Fraga, J. Coutinho, R. M. Bezerra, A.A. Dias, G. Marques, F. M. Nunes
P.086. Produção de fumonisina B2 por estirpes de Aspergillus Negros
T. Calado, L. Abrunhosa, A. Venâncio
P.087. Ion exchange adsorption mechanism of lysozyme onto carboxymethyl cellulose at pH 5
G. Silva, F. Marques, M.E. Thrash Jr., A.C. Dias-Cabral
P.088. Thermodynamic study of linear plasmid DNA adsorption onto an ion exchange support
P. Aguilar, F. Sousa, M.E. Thrash Jr., A.C. Dias-Cabral

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